Who are you…really? Today’s youth know more about the family history of their favorite star, than they know about their own. They can recite names, ages, birthdates, historical details and milestone moments of any given Real Housewife, Diva, Wag, or Kardashian, yet they are completely unaware of the names of their great-grandparents, or the fact that their first cousin-once removed was a freedom rider. Finding Me is a project designed to assist teens and young adults with finding their genealogical roots. This 2-week project will open the eyes and hearts of all participants and unlock the power of the past in hopes of a brighter future!


$450 per student, laptop not included

$550 per student, laptop rental included

We encourage ALL participants to submit DNA to Ancestry at least 10 weeks BEFORE Camp begins!!!

Summer 2019 Camp Dates:

Session One (Saturday 9am-5pm)

July 6, 2019

Session Two (Saturday 9am-5pm)

July 13, 2019

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